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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 2:50 am    Post subject:  Reply with quote

You named my favorite characters.  You're right, Snape and Lupin, my two favorite adult characters were the tortured souls.  They didn't deserve what they got in the end.  Yes. I have read all the books and I was devastated by the deaths the author included.   Of the non-adult characters there were no better characters then Gred and Forge.  I loved them! They made me laugh.  They were brave and fiercely loyal and cunning.  The movies cut their parts down to walk on parts.  Harry could bug me and I thought that the girl who played Hermione was good in the beginning but then she began to bug me.  I liked her in the books better.  Ginny was great, as were all the Weasleys. Professor MacGonagall was awesome.  What did you think about the final book?

I met the Monkees and Micky and Peter were so kind and sweet!  But Davey was a jerk.  I'll tell you the entire story later, but first I want to hear your thoughts about the books and the movies!
à bientôt,


Newkirk: "Who's on the air today?"
Kinch: "Klink and Burkhalter."
Newkirk: "Turn it up a bit, they're my favorite comedy team."
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Joined: 14 Oct 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


You met them!? All four of them!? Awwwwwwwwwwww :) When? Where?
Some friends of mine met Micky and Davy when they were touring Great Britain in 2002 and it was the other way around, lol. Davy spent time with his fans after the concerts and was kind and everything while they practically had to drag Micky out of the bus to at least say hello ;)

The final book... all in all you can say that most of the things turned out like I (not only me, there where many other fans as well, of course) had expected them to. A lot of fans complained about the ending not being *happy* enough and that it way too *dark* for a children’s book. Hem hem. For one thing, I’d never think of Harry Potter as a series of books for children and in me humble opinion the ending was very happy considering what might (!) have happened. And if you prefer books with happy endings, maybe Harry Potter simply is not the best choice to read for you?
Anyway... of course it was incredibly sad to see Snape and Lupin die, but somehow the plot was more or less designed for this to happen and it was not exactly a total shock in the manner of being completely unexpected. Even though, in the case of Lupin, I found the scene in Grimauld’s Place  (when he offers the kids his help thinking that he would do more good than back home with his wife and son and Harry starts shouting at him) way more heart wrenching than the one in the end, when his death is only mentioned in passing. This on the other hand, was quite brilliant of Joanne K. Rowling again, because it once more emphazised the senselessness (I hope that this is the right word!?) of all people who had to leave their lives during the fight against Voldemort. As for Snape... I was so convinced about his innocence (well, in a way...) that I was but a step away from going nuts when they killed him and still had not corrected everybody’s picture of him. What I also liked was the way how Joanne K. Rowling revealed the nature of the relationship between Snape and Lily. I mean, fans were mostly devided into the ones who claimed Lily or rather Snape’s love for her to be the most important reason for his hatred towards Harry, while others were certain that this development would have been way too chlichéd for Rowling. And she proved everybody wrong by making Lily the best friend Snape ever had (and finally solved the riddle why this particular day Harry only the the first part of in the pensive in the fifth book was the very worst of his memories).
But the characters who really made me squee all over were Ron and Hermione, lol. I had so wished for them to finally become happy together and well, Harry and Ginny – what else could you wish for ;) And Percy... as I mentioned, I really love the Weasleys and Percy finally returning to his family was... well... happy is not exactly the appropriate word here, but I hope you know what I mean?

Hm, I think one of the main problems concerning the films is that Steve Kloves tends to turn „Harry Potter and...“ into „Hermione Granger and...“ . Most of the characters are portrayed quite well, though, in my opinion.
Gred and Forge... just like Ron, they would support Harry, no matter what. And they are the one and only students of Hogwarts that Peeves ever saluted to ;) But yes, their characters were cut down to a level which comes quite near to inacceptable ;)
Do you mean you didn’t really like Harry in the films or does that go for the books as well?
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Joined: 14 Oct 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Amazing, how the employees of a company sometimes can see so much clearer than the highly paid top men of the management.

I’m sorry for you!

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