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The coffee pot

For about a year, I've been looking for a replica of the coffee pot to recreate the prop.  i have some good screenshots of it and know basically what I'm looking for, but the flea markets and antique shops in my area don't carry a whole lot of old appliances like that.

My plan is the make this into a working phone tap, like in the pilot episode, simply because I've always one and a talk I attended last summer given by Adam Savage inspired me to finally go for it.

Ive tried Ebay, but all they have is the stove-top version.  What I'm looking for is a Royal Rochester Model D-33 or one that looks like it.  Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Digigal, first of all, WELKOMMEN to our LuftStalag!  I am sorry your post got overlooked by me, I have no excuse.

About the coffeepot, I wouldn't know where to start... maybe Karl???

Not me.  You'll probably have to browse many, many, garage sales, flea markets and thrift shops.  Some day you might get lucky.  But a plug in coffee pot like this?  I haven't seen one in years.
Major Hochstetter

Coffee Pot Listening Device

I must have been one of the lucky ones, then.  I managed to pick up a Universal model that is nearly identical to the one used on the show:

Some very minor differences are the tip of the spout and the shiny material (mine looks like polished stainless while the one on the show looks aluminum).  But a good coat of Krylon flat would fix the latter, and a Dremel tool would fix the former.  A red neon lamp, some wire, and Presto! one listening device!

And no, it's not for sale.  I bought it (and some other future props such as Klink's telephone and the parts for Newkirk's switchboard) in anticipation of a fan-based re-creation of the series.

Nice Score Herr Major!

Aluminum can be polished to a mirror shine, as yours appears to have been.  Like silver, aluminum oxidizes; silver to black, aluminum to a dull gray.

It appears that the HH prop had the red lamp added by the props department.  The 'polished' area around the red lens is evidence of that.  I suspect the Red lamp was added for the benefit of the show to indicate that the intercom was 'on'.  Red lamps like this can be found at RadioShack.  Converting to an intercom, which the HH prop was 'supposed' to be requires a bit more electronic work.

Good Luck with the rework.

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