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What happened to Vladimir Minsk
Col Crittendon is gone
A Shift in Hogan's Demeanor
Comradery Among the Heroes
Carter Has VERY Nice...
Vladimir and Baker
Schultz Playing Both Sides of the Fence
Carter's Uniform
Klink's Awards
Sal.... Lyoot!
The many faces of Karl Langenscheidt...
Karl Lagensheidt (sic)
Picasso?! What did *he* ever blow up!?
Our poor beloved Kommandant
I know nothing!!!
pic spam partie trois
2 Dreams of Carter
Carter and his buddy or Newkirk and his mate
Poor Carter!
The description says: Post plenty of pics ;)
Relationship Q
Frau Gertrude Linkmeyer
General Albert Burkhalter
Corporal Karl Langenscheidt
Business School
LeBeau's Famous Recipes - Not sure of best area for this
Newkirk trivia!
Gavin MacLeod - Major Zolle, General Metzger, Major Kiegel +
Ivan Dixon
Robert Clary
Richard Dawson
Bob Crane
Larry Hovis
Werner Klemperer
Corporal Peter Newkirk's sis?
2 of our fave stars birthdays!!
Least Favorite Character?
Col. Wilhelm Klink
T/Sgt. Andrew J. Carter
Cpl. Louis LeBeau
Kinch is Cool!
Schultz, Hanz Georg
Col. Hogan
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