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Not sure where to put this "Autofocus", the Movie

So I found "Autofocus" the movie on DVD at a discount/ liquidator store for three bucks.  I remembered seeing it on TV years ago.  It's the story of the fall of Bob Crane into the morass of sinful behavior which culminated in his murder.

HH! paraphernalia!  Smile  So I bought it.

Uncut and uncensored, I and the Mrs. watched it last night.  Rated R, I noticed after I stuck it into the player.

Wish I hadn't.   Embarassed

If you get the chance to buy or watch it, just..... just don't.    Crying or Very sad

yeah i dont like things were others play really ppls REAL lives! also it was rated R! so i CANT EVER watch it. Now i liked Nowhere Boy (not related to HH) but so far i dont like them kind of movies. it just depends ya know?

       STALAG 13 Forum Index -> GOODIES
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