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Non German Handguns Carried by German Forces

It was common for German troops to carry firearm that had been either purchased in other countries OR firearms that were seized from occupied countries. Some of these pistols may have in fact been carried by the real life German troops at POW camps.

The Star Model B was one of these: Star was a firearms manufacturer in Spain.

"During the Second World War, Germany issued a number of small arms not internally developed in order to fill gaps in production. An especially large variety of pistols were issued, and among these were a relatively small number of "B .08" pistols. These were issued to German Police and "certain military units." In general, lower-priority organizations such as the police could not get first line German-made weapons during the war, so external contracts such as this are not unusual.

These were made for only from 1942 to '44 and are substantially Second Model B pistols. The only changes of which I am aware are to markings. Reportedly, Stars issued to WWII German troops do not carry Nazi proofmarks, the only foreign arms exempted from this requirement. But, I have encountered some owners with overtly german proofed weapons, so this may be untrue, or inconsistently applied.

All these pistols should have the last 3 digits of the serial number on all major component. Note that marks along the lines of "P'08" on the chamber hood or "F. Patr. 08" are just ways to denote 9 mm Parabellum, and do not mean it was necessarily German issue. For extra confirmation, check the date of proofing. they will most likely display date codes N, or O. Positive identification of these pistols, to me, still seems difficult.


I have the model of Star pistol that came after this line of handguns and it is an improvement on the design shown above.

The Star Super A, first produced in 1946, is chambered in 9mm Largo and has a bit more punch than the 9mm Luger cartridge.

From 1946 onward, Star produced a Super version of the model A pistol. Besides the improvements from the model 1940, this as usual consisted of a number of upgrades to the weapon. Mostly the swinging link was replaced with a Sig 210 (or modern Star) style closed cam path integral to the barrel. Related to this, a full-length guide rod with captive spring, and a quick takedown lever were added as well. All of these models have a magazine safety, but one different from the previous S variants, and the extractor is modified to double as a loaded-chamber indicator. Additionally, the sights are improved in shape to make them easier to see, and minor changes were made to the trigger system. These were also apparently exported for extensive foreign military use.

Most Super pistols, of all series, were not labeled with the overall series letter. This has caused no end of confusion, and a number of guns are now sold at surplus as the Modelo Super, or even as model Bs, that are actually model As.

As there are aftermarket barrels available to allow firing of 9 mm Luger/Parabellum ammunition in Largo (model A) pistols, caliber is no longer a completely sure way to identify Super marked pistols. Use care when trying to ID these pistols.

This looks quite similar to the US issue semi-auto Colt .45.

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