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Map of Stalag 13

Here is a a Pic and a Link to a Drawing of Stalag 13

Drawn by Corey Hatch source at the link below.  This drawing is posted here with the authors knowledge and  permission.

OOO! cool! its big!

That is soooo cool!!!! That really helps!
Robert E. Hogan

The link in post one isn't working.

Can anyone email it to me?

Thanks! Wink

found other versions of the maps
Robert E. Hogan

Thanks so much historygeek5.

No problem! i thought those maps were cool.
Robert E. Hogan

Has anyone ever turned up the Blueprint of the camp that sometimes hangs on Klink's wall behind his desk?

If i find it i'll post it.
Robert E. Hogan

Here's a screencap of the blueprint.


Stalag 13 Blueprint

I found this screen shot showing more of the blueprint.

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